About Ikaho Onsen

Ikaho's Geiko

Flower of Ikaho hot spring, a stylish wife is a geisha. They are professionals of profession “to add flowers to banquet with a moment”. The origin of the geisha is said to be white rain. They are a professional who can make guests who come to Ikaho Onsen pleasantly enjoy playing “raising the seat” “keeping” basic mind. Wearing a gorgeous costumes, relaxing the hearts of customers with a smile or conversation, it is a sort of entertainment that makes you entertain you with singing reading gently when reading from shamisen, Japanese dance, Oshiki play (singing music, play) It is a professional.

Proud craftsman

It is not easy to produce a cabin in accordance with various TPOs of various customers, when it is lively in the dancers wanting to make a noise, when they want to calm down, they are moist and moist. Mai, songs, shamisen, something etc, mostly seems to go to 5 or 6 lessons. The ordinary people and the royal family are always proud craftsmen who excite the seat without putting a gap between customers.

Geiko has a miko that shows maiko and shamisen such as shamisen. Both practice from a daily perspective and will show off at Oshiki. If you want to see Mai or want to make a noise in a song or game, you must call both. It is an advertisement tower of a hot spring spot with participation to the event raising the town. Although it is said that the peak period was a large household of about 200 people in the Showa 30s, even though the number has decreased, its arts and spirit are currently inherited.

People who know it! What? Ikaho Kouta

There are various songs at Ikaho Onsen. Please remember the lyrics in order to enjoy the Ikaho Geisha play more and more. There is no doubt that you will get noticed in Ozashiki!