About Ikaho Onsen

Ikaho's water

Water is the life itself for people. Such valuable water is very familiar to Ikaho. In the spring spot of Ikaho, the power of God is popular as the water in which it lives. Ikaho’s spot in Ikaho’s water spots will be introduced.

Hakojima spring water

The spring water springing from the base of Oosugi, which is said to be 500 years old, has a daily capacity of 30,000 tons, and it is said that water of Lake Haruna will drain. As a legend related to this, the stone tile of the wood part that we arrived from the lake is now still in the immovable fish.

Gokutoyama Mizukawa Temple (Mizusawa Kannon)

“Gotokuyama” is the mountain praising the five virtues of water. Hondo (Kannondo), Hexagon double tower of Prefecture Designated Important Cultural Heritage (Rapid Transit Rinko), Bell and Buddhist temple, Shakado, Shakudo Shrine and the Episcopal Buddha of the Prefecture Designated Important Cultural Property (Amitabha Nature Sequoia) etc. There is a rest.

As the sign of the torii right beside the spirit, the spirit of the spiritual mountain is widely known to people, and many people visit for watering every day. Rokuen Tennen is said to be beneficial for money luck and effort, and has become a popular spot in secret.

Haruna Shrine / Suikinkutsu and God water

In order to enjoy the sound of the water gills, we listen by listening to the bamboo cylinder, but we sprinkle water with a ladle over the part of the sea where Akaishi is spreading. The way harmony plays depends on the position to spread. And since the number of water droplets falling in one second has been designed more than twice as much as the water club of the past, we will harmonize the harmony at an early tempo like classical music Bach. There are also two bamboo cylinders, but please compare as you set the longer tone for the treble and the shorter one for the bass.

God water (Goshinsui) is available next to Suikinkutsu. Even if you drink on the spot, you can put it in a plastic bottle and you can hold it. Please enjoy the grace of sacred nature.

Ikaho hot spring drinking place

Ikaho Onsen is the famous hot spring that received the guidance of medical spa therapy for the first time in the country from Dr. Belts, which is said to be “the father of Japanese hot spring medicine” in the early Meiji Period. The quality of spring at Ikaho Onsen is weakly acidic, it is effective for gout, chronic allergic diseases, obesity, etc. when drunk with a hypotonic hot spring. The Ikaho hot spring drinking spot is on its way to Ikaho open-air bath from Ikaho Shrine, anyone can feel free to drink hot springs.

Attention on drinking water

・Because it contains a lot of iron, please drink after dinner.
・Do not drink tea or coffee immediately after drinking fountain.

Amount to drink per day

600 ml or less for adults (16 years old or over), 300 ml or less for dwarfs (8 to 15 years old), 200 ml or less for (5 to 7 years old) 100 ml or less, (3 to 4 years old) 100 ml or less, (2 years or less) 60 ml or less